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The Seventh Wave

First book in the Helix Prophecy duology.

Take a thief, a witch and a journo, then strange things happen.

Especially to Callum who, after breaking into a house is caught up in a terrifying occult world. He soon finds himself charged with protecting an ancient artefact from a deadly army of assassins, vampires and sorcerous Robes who are all desperate to recover it, Callum must work out who he can trust in a world he no longer recognises. 

There can only be one winner. And if Callum loses, so do we all.

The Emerald Tablets

In the exciting second book of the Helix Prophecy Callum and Maggy is thrust ahead 50 years into a technically advanced society ruled by a cable of Immortals. With the world on the bring of annihilation only the fabled Emerald Tablets of Atlantis have the power to stop the destruction. The quest takes Callum to ancient Egypt through strange inter dimensional realms where deadly creatures and relics lie in wait for the unwary. With the Immortals dogging their every step Callum and Maggy finally realise that love is their greatest weapon, But to wield it requires courage and trust...and sheer blind faith.

Last Caravan to Carmelsara

Adventure, magic and a slow burn romance between two people who can’t stand each other.
The Torian, head of the Commonwealth, is dying and his replacement has not yet been found.  
Neah, a warrior princess and former slave, receives a prophecy that the new Torian will be one of 800 refugees in a caravan fleeing the invading Shaelene army. Shayla, a dark sorceress and Queen of the Shaelene, is equally determined to find and kill the new Torian before he, or she, can be anointed.
Caleb, a disgraced Commander in the Commonwealth army, has been charged with protecting the caravan. Provided with only seven soldiers and a duplicitous wizard to help him he is given little chance.  
Trapped within the forced intimacy of the caravan Caleb and Neah must try and thrust aside their bitter hostilities in order to protect the new Torian from the marauding Shaelene, Shayla’s assassins and a host of mythical, vicious creatures that stand between them and the safety of Carmelsara. In doing so they will have to leave the relative safety of their natural distrust and together weave something new and untried because in a world overtaken by greed only love has the power to save it. 
If they fail the whole world will fall into decades of darkness.


Mine the Darkness

A tale of witches, demons and a magical ring.

"Incredibly creative story. Loved the mix of mystical witch's story with the fantasy elements and the writing is compelling." Judge, 8th Annual Writers' Digest e-book awards.

Weather doesn’t just happen; it’s made.

Once every hundred years the climate must be re-balanced by activating the five Elemental Scrolls but Jessica, the only member of the coven who can do so, has gone missing.

Milt, mid forties and Wallace – a reluctant witch/Detective with Qld Police – are ruthlessly manipulated into finding Jessica before the world flips into permanent drought, or the next ice age.

Equally determined to beat them to the Scrolls is Dragos, a demon who wants to access the legendary fifth Scroll (Akashic) that bars the Demon’s Gate. If he can open this portal the parallel worlds of demons and men will be cataclysmically joined for the next hundred years.

Through it all Milt and Wallace must struggle through the detritus of their failed former relationship: Milt by appreciating that he is not an emotional island and Wallace in permitting trust to grow from the previous deep wounds of betrayal.

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Book no.2
Book no.3
Book no. 4
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In the Broken Places

Death watcher, Levi Monk, is coerced into delivering a deathbed letter to the deceased’s former lover, Sara.

Too late they discover the letter has been impregnated with spores that will kill them within three months unless they recover two ancient orbs that have the power to reanimate the dead and so bring Sara’s former partner back to life.

Levi enlists his mentor, Hiro, to help them recover the relics. Adapting the ancient art of kintsugi Hiro dispatches Sara and Levi into a parallel medieval world on the brink of war. Here they must overcome palace intrigue, betrayal and dark magic before returning with only one of the orbs and a partially burnt map to the other.

Now they must unravel the mystery to find the second orb while staying ahead of a ruthless cabal obsessed with using the orbs as a short cut to immortality. Throughout Sara and Levi must overcome the demons from their past and learn to trust while doing their best to ignore the growing attraction between them.

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Three friends, three losses, three new lives.

At fifty-two Jo is homeless after her husband gambled it away along with her security. Her two friends: the irrepressible, irreverent Kat and sensible-shoes Marion have also lost partners: one to premature death and the other, adultery. Together, the three friends support each other to take their first hesitant steps towards a new life. A life that promises to be both terrifying and achingly exciting. 

Faced with an uncertain future Jo discovers that women over fifty-five are the fastest growing homeless sector in Australia. In response the three friends set up an online business to help older homeless women, hiring Mac, an IT specialist, and widower burdened by guilt over his late wife’s death. 

As Mac and Jo are thrown together Jo tries to ignore a growing attraction, weighing it off against her newly discovered independence. She, like her two friends, must come to terms with the competing needs of an intimate relationship and self- determination. This leads Jo to explore whether both can co-exist inside a new relationship while Kat, always the rebel, resolves to find meaning beyond privilege by starting SHE, a political party dedicated to issues that women care about most. Marion, in turn, gradually slowly discovers loyalty need not extend beyond the grave. But all three quickly learn that change, once started, can be slippery and its effects – irrevocable.

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